Tell me what you consume and tell you who you are. With these words, so powerful, began a presentation on 15 March, on the day of the entrepreneur which was held in Barcelona, the comment I would like some points. This phrase, as seemingly silly at first glance, leads to a whole introspective … a "buy coca-cola or cola mecca? a tengo marquista criteria or I get carried away by the cheapness? a "I want to be of those who do something special or the heap? a If you look at all of its logic, and more in today's world in which we live. It is clear that if you sit in the middle of a walk in a bar or restaurant and you start to analyze the people around you for their behavior, their dress, their appearance or what they eat, get get an idea of how they are. And even if we see our shopping cart and shopping cart other people in the supermarket, we can also have a pretty good idea part of their lifestyle. Because ultimately, every individual, every human being wants to be unique but part of a whole, so we follow a trend, ideals and using them, we behave, we dress and eat a variety of products / services . Among consumers and using such observations, we could recognize different groups of individuals, not all but there is a wide selection: – The environmentalist, concerned about nature and environmental protection, buy everything save sa CFCA the atmosphere, which contains no carcinogenic dyes, which can be recycled, natural, s etc – The Pijo, just buy brands, trademarks, and comes to fashion sites, I do not care if you know or not the quality of what purchase, the item is to have what the rich kids a todos have or at least look like you tienea .