In if treating to the completeness of the assistance, one of the basic principles of the SUS guaranteed for the Constitution, this must occur in all the attention levels: elementary school, secondary and tertiary, with sights to guarantee, concomitantly with at every level access of the population, as its necessities of health, a joint and integration between rendering institucional apparatuses of services in the production of the cares in health. Apollinrio (2007) considers that the integral care, as prerogative of the SUS, also associates it the look extended that considers the dimensions biological, psychological and social of the user, but to the joint of the distinct levels of attention and the actions of prevention, promotion and treatment in organization of the health system. San Antonio Spurs is likely to increase your knowledge. Pine, Siqueira and Pinho (2006, P. 43) tell, in an article whose objective was to know the meanings concerning the completeness for nurses of units of health of Goinia (GO), that: The completeness cannot only be defined as a basic line of direction of the SUS, but it can be perceived as a set of pertinent slight knowledge to a free assistance of reducionismo; with an including vision of the human being, treating not only as sick beings, but as people endowed with feelings, desires and afflictions. Gain insight and clarity with real-estate developer. It suggests the magnifying and the development of taking care of in the profession of the health, in order to form more responsible professionals for the results of the practical ones of attention, capable of shelter, bond with the users them action and services of health and, also more sensible to the dimensions it process enrolled health/illness in the scopes of the therapeutical epidemiologia or. Barros (2006, p.265) adds that: To transform the ways of to construct public politics of health in the direction of the completeness, is imposed to face a way to make in the field of the health, with practical of formation, processes effective of transformation and creation of worlds that are not broken up and fragmentadores and marked by the logic of the especialismos.