Concert Benefit Of Proyecto Hombre

On Saturday, June 4, the young Orchestra of the Aljarafe, directed by Pedro Vazquez, will perform a concert of classical music that construed among other works, the Symphony of the new world of a. charity concert project man Duorak or J Waltz. Sibelius. This event is promoted by some companies of the Parque Tecnologico of the Isla de la Cartuja, very close to our hotels in Seville, the Monte Triana hotel and the Monte Carmelo hotel. It will start from 20.30 pm at the auditorium of the ground floor of the Expo building (old World Trade Center). The young Orchestra of the Aljarafe is created with the aim of boosting, and complement, the musical education of the young emerging values in the Aljarafe and adjacent regions that aspire to a professional activity within a symphonic whole. This Orchestra fits all these objectives, at the time that by their characteristics and versatility is very accessible to the characteristics of the theaters in the province of Seville. It consists of young musicians, that have previously passed a stringent tests of access, and that make up an orchestra which by its technical quality allows to interpret codes of a high artistic quality..