The innovative entertainment experience for kids the OrgControl amusement Ltd Germany offers now a more interactive game solution in a real wood cabinet. The new stand Terminal magic Woody is equipped like all children terminals OrgControl with fun and educational games for children from 3 years and a children’s cinema function. The Magic Woody integrates due to its design, size, as well as the fixed seat flexible in many children’s play corners and play areas, where a colorful and great gaming device has been difficult or impossible. The real wood cabinet in beech multiplex oiled and optionally sealed it is suitable for integration into banks and offices as well as in hotels and restaurants. If you are not convinced, visit Related Group. The Magic Woody attracts the attention of your little ones with safety on, creates a calm and relaxing time and relieves parents and staff. The device is ready to plug and can be immediately set up a flexible game solution in sophisticated design. The magic touch series is a multilingual, interactive touch screen Entertainment medium for children, intended for the arranges applications of interactive entertainment. The many different models of children’s attractions offer you interesting, current and target group-oriented applications. Caused by the flexibility and durability of the products the devices in virtually any commercial children waiting and experience can be integrated.