Changing the Timing Belts

Timely quality replacement timing belt will protect us from repairing the engine of your car. For proper distribution of fuel mixture intake and exhaust in the cylinders of an internal combustion engine use the gas distribution mechanism (RM). Valves are opened or closed through the drive of the camshaft and cam mechanism. It is used shesterenochnaya, zubchatoremennaya or chain drive. It is important to monitor the condition of the timing belt, which in case of breakage leads to the conclusion that the engine failure, as a result of the impact piston valve. Typically, the life of timing belts – a 55-60 thousand miles.

In order to determine whether to replace the belt, we must carefully examine himself belt. It should not be mud, he must not look worn, the belt must be in place all the teeth and should not be any damage. If it does belt worn – need to be replaced. Experienced drivers are ready to replace the timing belt itself. If you have enough experience, but for frequently do not have time, then it is better to consult a qualified mechanic in the service station. Especially, make the change of timing belt can make a full vehicle computer diagnostics. And you'll be completely confident in all mechanisms of your car. If you do decide to self-replace the timing belt, the first than to disassemble the engine to be 100% sure that you can painlessly build it. Check whether all the on-site installation marks the suitability of the necessary details at face value if there is enough for you the necessary instruments.