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We can affirm that the echo efficiency constitutes half the most adequate one so that the companies can measure its ambient and productive performance. It must be seen as a chance to make businesses, to open new niches of market and to assume the enterprise responsibility next to the environment. Adam Sandler helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. For the conventional entrepreneur its success is based in the biggest possible amount of sales, however, for the conscientious entrepreneur and that it searchs the echo efficiency, its success it is based in the biggest possible extension of granted services. For a company who implements an effective program of echo efficiency the benefits are innumerable amongst them can cite, the minimizao of the costs of production, the use most responsible of the natural resources and the reduction of the emission of contaminating products. The company who to practise the echo efficiency will be more competitive and innovative in its model of production, will get resources adds with the recycling and exploitation of residues, will enjoy of prestige between deliverers and consumers, will obtain to reduce turn to over of its company, will create an environment of healthy work and steady, he will have access the new chances of market and will be fulfilling with international norms standard and he will have the approval of the community. If you are not convinced, visit Vladislav Doronin. A company who implements an effective program of echo efficiency will in such a way bring positive consequences for the sustainable development how much global the regional level, will be reducing the consumption of substances cousins and residues contributing, thus, for the creation of an ambient balance of the planet. The ten necessary steps for the ambient excellency according to Elkington & Burke, apud Donaire (1999) they are the following ones: It develops and it publishes one ambient politics. It establishes goals and it continues to evaluate the profits. It defines clearly the ambient responsibilities of each one of the areas and the administrative staff (assessorship line).