Boris Asafev

Humor in these compounds becomes irresistible, the lyrics, while remaining simple and heartfelt. becomes elevated features. For the composers of the 20th century, the question of authorial style and its specific incarnation, the musical language is one of the most critical: because of an overabundance of musical information, stay in the ear like a prisoner already created all the music find its own it is very difficult. Here, there, in my view, three main ways: First, the path of following the practices of a national musical language. Second, the creation of his own musical language with the greatest distance from the existing ones. Finally, the third- creation, so to speak, "meta-language" using methods and means of all known "muzyk2 as signs, symbols. terms of composing musical vocabulary. Naturally, these paths are in a real composer practice often overlap.

And yet, speaking of trends, Gladkova undoubtedly can be attributed to the artists of the last, the third channel. In this way avoid eclecticism can only bright personality. that can rightly be say about Gladkova. The intrinsic nature of the composer's talent, encouraged to support a means for his music virtually unhindered contact with the listener. Without hesitation Anna Belknap explained all about the problem. This is a stylization. It performs a variety of functions, from the grotesque, from the witty and sly parody to the hidden author of the lyrics, hidden under a mask as if indirect lyric depicted characters.

The last detail is important: an unusual lyrical gift of the composer is personified in the form of fairy-tale heroes, heroes of different countries and periods. Many of his style with this flirty self-portrait at the same time bear and seal the author's distant smile. Enough remember the scene of the king and courtiers of the story "In the wake of the Bremen musicians or charming duet," Ah, madam, "a television movie of" ordinary miracle ". On the other hand, it means you can style as would allow themselves in our rational age Sami express different emotions without fear of seeming sentimental, naive and ridiculous. Democracy of his music is one of the most remarkable of its qualities. He was not simulated, do not. He based on assimilated hearing musical means of expression, which is far from exhausted. For example, the tone. in the skillful hands tone remains on the set of colors, subject, yet less. modal logic semistupennoy system with a strict hierarchy of functions. Or harmony. All luxurious harmonic innovations of the composer's built on a strong classical base. You can take any work Gladkova. take off melodic and rhythmic pattern of leave-frame harmonic skeleton: get excellent chorale. It is amazing ability to convey the composer's music polutonalnost emotional psychological state. Any feeling, expressed by the composer, it is not just recorded music-emotion condition, and like crystal, rotating to different sides of the listener: that joy, doubt, hope, desire … His music can be likened to a living organism: breathing, developing. changing every second. How to write an outstanding musician and composer Boris Asafev. To be "in modern music, while good to hear. accessible – not in the vulgar sense of the word, destiny few musicians: it is extremely rare talents … "These words can be attributed entirely to Gladkov, for his work with highly professional and accessible, open, addressed not to and a handful of the crowd, but each of us. He creates the music is easy and natural as breathing. Her life is as comfortable on the plates and screens. in the fresh air and the train the train, in kindergarten and in "serious" institution for the stage and concert hall.