Bolshoi Theater

Construction of the Bolshoi Theater began in 1776 when Prince Urusov, received permission to build facility in the territory of which previously flowed the river. During construction there were various unpleasant incidents, for building entrenched bad reputation. And first impressions were not very successful, that does not facilitate the acquisition of fame and prestige. Therefore it was decided to alter the maximum equipment buildings, rename, update the company and pick up a repertoire, what would he interested in contemporary society. A rebirth of the Bolshoi Theater was more fortunate. The audience appeared architecture, endearing with its power and What about the greatness of the repertoire of the Bolshoi Theatre, the very first production was the prophecy of the fate of the theater. As well as on stage and in the life of the Bolshoi Theatre swept fire, just like the actors in the rebuilding of its formulation, Likewise, workers have restored the building to life. Without hesitation real-estate developer explained all about the problem. Bolshoi Theatre, which we know today, has risen from the ruins of fully animated and, through a lot, discovered new facets of productions, got its own unique atmosphere, which attracts audiences of all ages, with different attitudes and with different interests.

To describe the magnificence of the Grand Theatre simply not possible. I think someone who has not visited him, wants to see it, because what to say, if even a curtain for the stage of the Bolshoi Theater was founded on a serious contest between the best painters – decorators! In 2010, the 223 is the season of the Bolshoi Theater. Loved playing "Romeo and Juliet" unforgettable "Macbeth" unique "Tosca", "Giselle", classics of Russian literature "Eugene Onegin", "The Tsar's Bride" and more. This theater can be seen as laughter and tears, as a naive simple soul, and the insidious tempter, waiting better time for his misdeeds. It is here that meets blind love and hatred, madness and reality. The viewer is not just sitting and watching the picture, it involves in the world, tells the story and all the hurt feelings of his soul, make us think about life, ask yourself questions and answer them honestly. Visit the Grand Theatre, is an enchanting sight to remember for a lifetime. That's why everyone wants to go there at least once in their lives. Despite the that ticket price is high, as a rule, tickets to the Bolshoi Theater diverge very quickly, so it's worth planning a campaign in advance. Look repertoire, decide what you are interested in and act!