Bill Gates

To change the properties system, you need to go beyond this system, 'Now you understand why so many books written by successful people, give such advice for achieving success – to change ourselves, to rise above the system, exit systems, etc. There are many examples of specific people who have achieved success. That Henry Ford and Thomas Edison, who did not even have secondary education. Or Bill Gates, who has no higher education. Examples of when you wish, you can find and themselves. Keyword – if you wish. So where do I start these changes? And the best start by setting up our consciousness and awareness that we need these changes. For example.

If you take a knife, sharp knife, then using it very easy to cut bread and tomatoes. And if the knife is dull, then it will crumble the bread, tomatoes and squeeze. The same can be said of our minds. If it is 'enchanted', then it has the function of creation, creation and achieving this result. And before to set the highest goals, and then they need to achieve, the best from the very beginning 'hone' our minds to achieve these goals, and then to failure was smaller, and you can better understand their reasons, if they occur suddenly. And I very much hope that you will treat very seriously the fact that you have read the above.

Because of today You can set all the rules in their lives. But if You are out of habit, decide what is best to start on Monday … and suddenly a year later, when by chance you again stumble on this article and would like time on Monday, you will understand exactly who is to blame. And the blame, as always, will be your 'weak' force will. That's for such a case, I'll give you can credit a very simple exercise, which is called 'strong-willed control. " Download it for free and use. Time to complete this exercise only takes 5 minutes, but I'll I promise that after its implementation you'll be 100% sure that you do well, very strong and worthy of willpower! And most importantly – it will be manifest in all their might!