Berlin Friedrichstrasse

Like hardly another road in Europe illustrates this engenders Boulevard”the eventful construction history of the city in the political systems and ideologies. Photographic topics are the current conflict in the recent Metropolitan Boulevard between ‘to stay’ and ‘change’ want to. Dates: Sat, 3.9 / Mo, 12.9 / SA, 17.9 / SA, 24.9 / do, 13.10./Do, 20.10./Sa, 29.10./Do, 10.11./Sa, 26.11./Mo, 5.12/SA, 17.12./Fr, 23.12 2011 life and live a photo tour of the Kreuzberg is subjected to a continuous break Wrangelkiez since the fall of the wall the Wrangelkiez. He was initially slow, but in the 1990s, also the image of the neighbourhood changed with the urban location. Sean Rad understands that this is vital information. There is still the small neighborhood stores and the spooky old Berlin pubs around the Wrangelstrasse. But adorn nearly every wall of the House Graffiti and shops stand empty. The mood ranges from quiet desperation and obvious celebratory mood.

As photographic topics include: the traces of change and of the remaining, the togetherness, and that to be. Dates: Sat, 3.9. do, 23.9 MI, 28.9 / Mo, 17.10./Do, 27.10. MI, 9/11/di, 22.11 / so 7th/do, 15.12./Mi, 27.11./Mi, 28.12.2011 faces the traffic important North-South axis through the center of Berlin Berlin Friedrichstrasse has visit of the old lady in her over 300-year-old existence much beautiful and eerie experience. From the village road to the much populated and closely cultivated traffic artery through artist establishment, noble hotels, cheap bars, prostitution, Socialist verordnetem unit shine up to today’s shopping paradise for well-heeled. The changeful history of Berlin is as palpable as in the Berlin Friedrichstrasse to anywhere else in the city. As photographic subjects include: searching for clues, ideas of city and life in changing times.

Tourism to the Checkpoint Charlie, harmony or contrast, East and West. Dates: Fri, 30.09./Do, 25.10./Fr, 4.11. / fr, 18.11 detailed information and schedules for all photo walks with photo Flaneur Berlin you will find under: and here the overview of the other seven photo walks from which you can choose.