Automotive Windshield

State auto-glass windshield of your car has a direct impact on the extent and level of safety when driving. The presence of it as visible cracks, poor transparency, and other defects – all overloads attention, and thus increases the driver's reaction time, ie, contributes to the risk of accidents Extended. In the arsenal of motorists there are two ways to solve this problem: polishing or replacement of auto-glass windscreen. Replacement auto-glass windshield with a view to eliminating it scratches and chips are not always beneficial, because it costs a lot of money. Therefore, this operation is rarely done, and often reluctantly. As for polishing, this way, I must say in great demand because it is cheaper than replacement and beautifully restores transparency car windows. In addition, polishing restores their optical properties, ie, removes the effect of waves or lenses and gives the glass prevonachalny shine.

Polishing removes the visible plaque and cleans small, and small scratches and chips. Polishing the windshield is performed in a specific quantitative levels (stages). At the first stage of glass thoroughly cleaned from dust, dirt and small, and the car body in order to protect it with protective plastic wrap. Further, the surface and the scratch disk is processed by special chemicals, later Automotive samara polished with the help of special pastes of various types. The final step is polishing the windshield – then processed manually using bezobrazivnyh preparations and final thorough washing. Described polishing process, where the abrasives are not used for polishing, eliminating potholes well and shallow chips and cracks with car glass car, returning them to the original transparency and excellent optical parameters without the 'outsiders' effects. Special paste for polishing the surface of glass is spread, it returns the initial effect of reflection.