As A Gift Book

There is no longer pioneers of milk in glass bottles with caps and striped magazine "Soviet Cinema" mode to write for the year ahead "thick" magazines "New World" and "Youth" is long gone, and we parted with a deficit in the publication Maurice Druon, and Alexandre Dumas … However, the slogan "The book – the best gift" is still alive, although the tradition of presenting the book as a gift, too – alas! – Withered. Tony Parker helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Give the book was somehow … boring. Really? Oh no, my friends, this is a very even more interesting and creative. It is only necessary to orient in a variety of colorful artwork, modern device and diverse ideas of presenting the gift. And then it becomes clear that the book – a gift of the most versatile, it fits for any sex and age and for any occasion! Sort by type Everyone knows that there are books for children and adults, there are art galleries and specialty books, there are gift edition and pocket books. And everyone, it is clear that the child, we choose something from the 'child' shelves, and an adult edition gift …

so, but not so! And how? Yes, just now, before we go to the bookstore to buy a book, it is worth remembering that the book – it's not just letters on paper, printed different fonts and illustrated by various artists. And the bookcase sideboard no longer a compulsory element of the interior, which put a bunch of interwoven paper. Therefore, those who prefer to save place and loves high-tech, buy e-book! That is, first of all, it is necessary to buy a device to read it – e-book Reader, a thing, alas, not cheap, but it is very convenient: the place is small, pleasant to the eyes, the very page Leafs, remembers the place where finished reading, etc.