Artistic Education

Questionnaires? Intriguing data To tell as we apply the questionnaires, without a doubt are not what more it interests to show in this work, therefore see the quantitative and qualitative data transformed into graphs. Question 1 – Agreement on Scenic Arts? They do not know on assuntoB? They know parcialmenteC? They know the subject We apply the questionnaires for 257 (two hundred and fifty and seven) pupils, between the cited groups already, initially interested in them to know what the pupils understood for scenic arts, its experience with theater, the suggestions for the activities that would be developed in the school and which the degree of preference for the theater between eleven different activities. These graphs disponibilizados they had been constructed from the answers of the pupils. We will make thus a general description of the State School Benjamin Guimares. On the basis of the questionnaires we perceive that the groups of the PAV? Program of Acceleration To be successful? of 6 to the 9 years the pupils associates Scenic Arts to the Plastic Arts, while the groups of Average Education associate Scenic Arts to the theater, art, performance, corporal expression and teatrais parts, affirming that they do not intend ' ' to give to this curso' '. Leaving of these data we verify that the groups of basic education relate Scenic Arts to the content of Arts, or Artistic Education, learned or studied during the basic formation. The groups of Average Ensino, walking for the transistion of the basic formation for the superior formation visualizing a chance in the work market, associate with a course or a profession. Fact that also can be clarified by the presence of the course in the Federal University of Ouro Preto, dream considered distant for many pupils, who not even know the Campus of the University. About 90% of the pupils they demonstrate to disinterest for making teatral.