Another Eventful Weekend

Can you believe it, 2 days in a row I am on here! ! I figured instead of making a huge entry I would just start from the weekend. We are always on the go when Gracie is in school. But this was our last free weekend for a while. She starts this cheerleading next Saturday, which i am totally pumped about. She has been practicing really hard with her mom and me. When we practice though she asks if her motions are right and where she should be looking on Certain motions … it is so cute. She actually listens to me too since I am a cheer coach. So Saturday Kins and I picked up Gracie and went out to the Renaissance Festival, opening day. Gracie got to ride a pony, get a henna tattoo, and visit with Mimi and Papi …. Kins and I were along for the ride.