Alcohol Self-help Adolescents And Fair

Many young people, and more than one adult will make the beer and “Cuba liter” party peers. Learning to have fun without drinking alcohol, especially children, and do so in moderation, adults should be everyone’s goal. ALCOHOL, YOUTH AND FAIR From Alcohol Free Association first of all we must say that we are not against alcohol, but we need to give accurate information of the negative impact on our young people, particularly , and the population in general, makes this drug so socially acceptable in our culture and in all events and fairs. Alcohol is a drug of traditional consumption has a profound effect on those who consume it, the teen age is the age you start to consume, which makes the consequences of excessive consumption also appear soon. The experience with alcohol is almost universal in society Spanish (93.7% of the population has taken “some time”). Most consume it sporadic or regular (76.7% “in the last year” 64.6% “last month” and 14.9% “every day” during the last month).

Some important statistics regarding the alcohol and adolescents. u Spain ranks third in production of alcohol, it causes the consumption is a habit and way of perceiving the consumption and problems related to alcohol use and abuse is not appreciated as a health risk. u More than 80 000 young people die each year in Europe, for driving under the influence of alcohol for most young people, alcohol is the drug of choice.