Do not try to hide the use of AdSense. It is preferable to locate the AdSense ads in a place where visitors can see them immediately after focusing on the page. Don’t forget to keep a record of all changes and experience which they perform better and produce you more money. 4 Keep links to pages relevant Web and your content focused on the keywords you chose as a target. If your page web is dedicated to winning money chooses a content that is quite popular and highly coveted by advertisers, this proves that each click is more expensive for them, and more lucrative for you. 5 Automation. After learning how to work with AdSense manually, you try to automate as much as possible. If you choose to write your blog using WordPress, use a theme that is compatible with AdSense.

There are extensions that complement WordPress and offer automatically insert AdSense code in your web pages. These are some of the suggestions that have worked well for some who want to generate hundreds and even thousands of dollars on their web pages. It is important to remember that ads are displayed because they agree with the curiosity of the visitors to your website, therefore, focus on the content of your pages should be your most important job. Note also that there are other pages with AdSense ads that share the same theme to your pages or web sites and repetition of these ads to stop having the same effect with visitors returning to your pages. When you focus you on AdSense traffic that you are looking for is visitors for the first time. The tips suggested in this article as well as others shared by more experienced people should serve as guides so that others will follow, but also feel free to change, experimenting and trying new techniques.