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For whom is the new course? The summer semester 2014 Administration starts at the German University of prevention and health management of the new degree master of business”sports / health management. The two-year study combines a correspondence course with compact attendance phases. For whom is the new course? The students acquire the new course in master of business administration (MBA) sports / health management”parent business skills for the superior management. You may want to visit Jorge Perez to increase your knowledge. This makes the MBA, for example, for employees from fitness and health facilities that do not have a business studies degree. The Author wanted to know more. But also fitness – / Sportokonome, as well as economists can opens additional career opportunities with the new MBA. At a glance, the new course curriculum comprises eight compulsory and four elective modules per specialization.

The compulsory modules focus on the mediation of business expertise for the superior management, with international aspects are covered. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Ken Kao. In addition, there are the four directions of specialization fitness economics, sports economics, health management and occupational health management to choose. “” The language of instruction is German, where the strategic management modules “and marketing” are taught wholly or partly in English. Important element in the study is the processing of case studies in groups/teams with subsequent result presentations and discussions. The program will be carried out in a cooperation between the German University and the University of the Saarland. The final documents contain the logos of both universities. It is already possible to register for the study. E.g.

for the multi-stage approval procedure, see here ( studiengaenge/master-studiengaenge/mba-sport-gesundheitsmanagement/zulassungsverfahren.html). The German school of prevention and health management (DHfPG) qualified around 4,000 students for the Bachelor of Arts degree”in the Courses fitness training, sports economics, fitness economics, nutrition counseling and health management, master of Arts”prevention and health management, as well as the master of Business Administration MBA sports / health management for the market of the future prevention, fitness, sports and health. Approximately 3,000 companies rely on the programs with the theme leader in the market of the future. Thus, the German University belongs to the five largest private universities in Germany. All Bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes of State-approved University or College are accredited and State-approved. The special education system of the DHfPG connects compact at nationwide equipped study centres (Munich, Stuttgart, Saarbrucken, Cologne, Osnabruck, Berlin, Leipzig, Frankfurt and Hamburg) and in Austria (Vienna) and Switzerland (Zurich) a training and a distance learning course. Companies of the future market in particular will benefit from the dual bachelor courses, because the students her theory learned expertise can immediately introduce into operational practice with and can take more responsibility with increasing duration of study.