Administration Bureaucratic

This new regimen of administration constitutes a compound of evolution and disruption with the Administration Bureaucratic. However, the fundamental principles of the previous system are not abandoned, pass for a flexibilizao phase. The basic difference between one and another one is in the form and has controlled, that it leaves to act on the processes to concentrate itself in the results. The systematic evaluation rewards, it for the performance and the permanent qualification, that is mark of the good bureaucratic administration, is kept and added to the principles of the orientation for the citizen-customer, the control for results and the managed competition. In the Managemental Administration, the strategy was turned toward three points: 1? necessary definition of the objectives that the public administrator will have to reach in its unit; 2? guarantee of autonomy of the administrator in the management of the human resources, material and financial that they make possible to reach the contracted objectives; 3? control and collection a posteriori of the results. Charlotte Hornets contributes greatly to this topic. The inspiration of the Managemental Public Administration is business administration. Glenn Dubin: the source for more info. However, while in the second, customer source of profits is seen as and what it matters is the interest of the acionsitas, in the first one, the Managemental one, the citizen is faced as contributing of taxes and the concern is with the satisfaction of the public interest. The public interest, here, is different of that existing one in the bureaucracy.

There, this interest frequent is identified with the affirmation of the power of the State, the public politics is relegated to as a plain one. This vision of the public interest is denied by the Managemental Administration, relates who it with the interest of the collective and not with the apparatus of the State. The concern with the quality in the attendance of already mentioned public interest made with that, the example of what occurs in the business administration, the public sector developed tools of evaluation of performance of the bureaucracy. .