Aboriginal Story

_Boa late colonel. the priest said already going up the steps that take old varanda where the colonel pass most of the day, you leak and them of the night. _Boa, priest. the colonel answered already if accomodating better in the wicker chair. _Sua blessing, priest. mo.que said Maria kissing to it good it that oc came back. – Oxente? you had travelled priest? The colonel asked.

The priest shook the head, more with a smile in the __Por face. the skill continues you without going to the church. He stows outside for one month. I was to an aboriginal convention in Rondnia, you already was there? Wonderful place. – __Estive, more makes much time. at the time where still it was a territory. I believe that the name was the territory of Guapor, or perhaps was before giving this name, my memory is not more the same one, in sabe.mais I remember well that in mine andanas under the command of Rondon marshal already did not have plus as many indians. _O Sir was with Rondon marshal? My God, each time I am surprised more with Mr.

Admiration for the old colonel said the priest showing same knowing that all said that it was a great liar. _Aquele man was as father pra me, in one knows. he stows ties with Indiana Jones. When hearing this the priest remembered the paroquianos that they had warned to it of the lies of the colonel, more did not demonstrate doubts for pegalo in the pull. – The gentleman coexisted Rondon marshal, and knew Indiana Jones. ufa, I confess that I am admired. _Bobageira, is things of the past in one lacks Nor to count. they _Bem colonel, I go to be sincere with Mr. that the marshal has known you, Indiana ties acredito.mais, this is only one personage of the cinema.