A New Dog In The House – Sleep Want Learned His

The first night with a new puppy, now he is finally here, you’ve been waiting. Probably much thinking about what race should be there. Now it is here, the little puppy. As of today, they are proud dog owner. The afternoon was played. Everyone wanted to stroke times. In recent months, actor has been very successful. All day what was going on.

Slowly approaches the evening and a good spot to the sleep will be searched. Schell is found eineschone corner, where the dog blanket or dog pillow fits well. So dog into and rest! First, it works well, because the dog is very tired from a busy day, he sleeps once a “round”. But after a short NAP is boring to him. Everything is quiet in the House. His parents aren’t there. Anna Belknap shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Also his brothers and sisters now lacks. It is terribly boring.

So he starts to cry. He can well. The heart could break one. All maternal or paternal instincts are aroused. But be strong now not go to the puppies and try to comfort him. Which would just interpret this behavior: “if I cry is a to the caress! “So he learns that he needs to cry only when it is boring. You would experience more no quiet night and the relationship would be posted to your new roommate. Not please also start to grumble. Because here, the dog thinks: “Dear cursing out as no attention at all. Attention is the greatest reward you can give your dog. So you pay attention to him if he behaves as you like it. The dog is in his basket and is quiet. You go you pet him propose you you’re just that. If he whines to ignore him. Don’t look at. Do not speak to him. Pretend as though it didn’t exist. Soon he will learn that if he is quiet he gets attention. If he whines he ignores. The first step towards a good life together would be then done. Julia Martsch