3 Things You Know About The Tarot Day Card Don

Are the Tarot cards really so magical? Many people love Tarot for the mysterious, because of the esoteric history behind it, or because the magic involved. But if we take day card scrutinized Tarot and the Tarot, much seems not as magical as on first glance. Because the current research to give a different picture of how Tarot originated and what is precisely the mysterious mind. The facts behind the Tarot card of the day speak a completely different language than you might think: most people who deal with Tarot, give these cards a romantic, mystical task. But this is not as data cards collectors, art historians and researchers.

Number 1 of the 3 things you wanted to know about the Tarot day card not. A much thought mind is that Tarot is a magic tool from Egyptian times or even from the time of Atlantis. Go to Corey Singman, New York for more information. There’s no proof but anyway. Now many will say, but wait: my maps have yet Egyptian symbols on it. That may be, but these designs are in connection with the actual origin of the Tarot. The earliest surviving Tarot cards are hand painted and made in Italy around the year 1441.

They were for the Court of Filippo Maria Visconti, Duke of Milan (1412 to 1447) made. Number 2 of the 3 things you wanted to know about the Tarot day card not. The today’s playing cards emerged from the Tarot cards, the Joker. Sorry, but normal playing cards much earlier developed and first in Islamic countries to 1375. number 3 of the 3 things you know about the Tarot does not wanted to know day card. The illustrations on the Tarot, as we know them, are day cards quite differently today than the originals. The originals had represented coins, cups, swords, and Polo sticks. Polo was a very important part of Islamic culture. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Howard Schultz. In Europe, the game was not known, so the cards in Europe had no such Polo pictures. Only in Italy and Spain, the playing cards retain pictures of medals, cups, batons and swords. Conclusion: There is so much Untreated to the Tarot theme day ticket and that wants to cover on the side of and report. On that part of the truth really return to the modern world. Because Tarot cards are a game of life that can be quite fun and today is also known, that every thought and every feeling is important for people’s lives. It is so worth dealing with his own quality of life. And that is probably done with this knowledge. CONTINUE READING? Read day pass Christian Taverner in another article about the next falsehoods to the Tarot